We’re never one to say no to a gift, whether that’s from our partner, best friend or ourselves. And while flowers are lovely and very much appreciated, opening something a little more meaningful on Valentine’s Day is always special. If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration you’re in luck as we’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s day gift to offer her in 2020

Objects of desire, we dressed up a list of both modern and poetic jewels. Make your valentine fall in love all over again with these thoughtful ideas that are unique and chic! 

Coup de foudre assured!

Heart earrings collection

The heart-shaped is undoubtedly on top of the gift list for Valentine’s Day. We dreamed about it and refreshed the heart into earrings for us to swoon over. Mini earrings or big hoops, she will want to wear this must-have symbol every day! 


Melt your girlfriend’s romantic heart 

How about go the whole way and let her wear your heart on her hand – with this heart gold ring in 14 carats gold filled. It’s a great option for the girl who doesn’t like all that bling but still explores her girly side.

heart rings best valentines day gifts to offer her in 2020 studio emoi

Outshine cupid with these minimalist and custom jewellery selection

Can you get any better declaration of “I love you” than a meaningful jewel? We don’t think so either. If you want some key pieces of statement jewellery, something from this collection is what you should add to your wishlist. 

Take a look at this pendant necklace – reimagined to be simple yet thoughtful, or at this LOVE bracelet she can layer these up or wear alone for a classical dainty feel. They’re the perfect outfit toppers that can be matched with either casual or formal outfits.

necklace love bracelet best valentines day gifts to offer her in 2020 studio emoi

If you want to go further, think about a custom jewel! Handshape from single thread of gold filled by talented craftsmen, she will die for these refine made-to-order creations: bracelets, rings or earrings, it’s up to you. You choose the word and the material, our artisans will do the rest. This is the magic!

Emblems of love or reminder to love yourself, we hope that you found your best Valentine’s day gift to offer in 2020! Whatever your choice is, declare your love with a unique jewel she can wear every day, and keep forever.

If you are looking for more custom jewellery ideas, discover our collection here. From bracelets, to earrings, rings or necklaces, a unique present is waiting for you around the corner.