The art of the know-how

The human being is core to our values: further than « made in » Studio Emoi is a believer of « made how ». Our craftsmen take care of your creations and give all the same level of dedication to each piece

Our craftsmen
Art de vivre - Illustration


The art of the patience

Too French to be on time… Our website is finally out and ready to discover and fulfil your desires


The art of carrying yourself

French style lesson #1: the accessory, the essential piece for every wardrobe!

Our jewels are designed to accompany you daily and resist to your lifestyle: you can keep it under the shower, in the sea or at the swimming pool

Art de vivre - Illustration


The art of receiving

We are delighted to receive you everyday by appointment at our lounge from 9am to 8pm.
We would love discussing with you about the jewel of your dreams, designing it and making you happy above all!

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The art of French language

Coup de foudre – Love at the first sight
Un verre de vin s’il vous plait – One glass of wine please
Je suis en retard – Sorry I’m late
Manger me rend heureux – Eating make me happy
Embrasse-moi idiot – Kiss me stupid