The jewellery designer

Meet Laura,

a French designer in love with custom jewellery for women

I have always been passionate about art, in every way. While I was working in a Parisian press agency, I attended Art History classes at Ecole du Louvre and was always obsessed about creating something with my hands: drawing, modeling and jewellery.
Over time, I also developed a new passion for travel. This drove me to quickly fall in love with Asia, which I find amazingly rich with cultures and know-how. This is where I discovered the filigree technique. After several destinations, the cosmopolitan Singapore vibes were a crush: the city has now been my home for years.

Before leaving Paris, my boyfriend offered me a bracelet featuring the message chaton, a popular French nickname. I was so glad and excited about it, but I asked myself: wouldn’t it be even more meaningful if it were my own nickname on it? This question led me to bring together my creative thoughts and more to create mantra jewellery which reaffirms you, allowing you to wear and celebrate the uniqueness of your personal poetry.

I trained myself in goldsmith techniques, discovered the jewellery universe and met talented people. Today, the human being is at the heart of the brand, thanks to our craftsmen, but even more thanks to you. By hand, our artisans shape each piece with one obsession: personalise your emotions through a tailor-made creation. We write what you want, what you love, your passions and your aspirations. A name, a declaration, a birth, a desire, a memory…

Customisation is our DNA and the bracelet is signature jewellery of Studio Emoi! I also developed my own custom jewellery collection for women, the expression of an attachement including rings, earrings, necklaces, as well as my own alphabet to make our brand and jewellery as unique as you are.

That is Studio Emoi’s genesis story: create statement jewellery that guides you, like a talisman, which will never leave you.