We are passionate about the quality of our jewellery craftsmanship, which follows century-old traditions of jewellery making techniques. Furthermore, thanks to our craftsman’s savoir-faire, we create unique pieces by order, which is the hallmark of our brand.

Why choose crafted jewellery today?

Through the years, the business of jewellery has evolved with the progress of technology. Yet at its heart, each and every piece of jewellery began as a hand-designed prototype, created by a craftsman.

Today, Studio Emoi’s spirit of artisanal excellence lives on and it is with today’s thinkers, dreamers and doers that we hope to share the remarkable creations of our craftsmen and perpetuate this tradition.

First of all, what is jewellery?

A jewel is a personal ornamentation. This could include bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches made of precious metals and sometimes set with gemstones. If you need to understand more about jewellery, we’ve found the perfect description for you here

Our traditional technique

Sculpted by hand from a single thread of 14 cts gold filled or Argentium Silver 935, the whole process of making Studio Emoi pieces is still very much like jewellery craftsmanship in the past. Using traditional know-how, our skillful artisans have years of practice and experience. This hand work allows us to create-to-order unique and exceptional jewels with a personal meaning, while perpetuating an ancestral Asian art.


The choice of human being

The human being is core to our brand values. Beyond “made in”, Studio Emoi is a believer of “made how”. Our craftsmen care for your creations and are equally dedicated to each piece of jewellery. Our designs are original and will stand the test of time, thanks to our noble materials. We create beautiful pieces that give you a sense of joy and excitement every time you wear them. To further discover our studio, our fabulous craftsman’s handiwork and our values, click here

The art of patience

The quality of jewellery craftsmanship involved in creating the perfect piece takes expertise and skill, both of which can be found in our workshop. From the initial inspiration to the final piece, our jewellery is created by hand. All our collections are designed with passion and are the result of daily meticulous work. 

amour yellow gold bracelet what jewellery craftsmanship means today studio emoi
bracelets-gold-filled-wire-what-jewellery-craftsmanship-means-today-studio-emoiwhat-jewellery-craftsmanship-means-today-studio-emoimaterial gold filled wire what jewellery craftsmanship means today studio emoi

Your favorite piece, the bracelet is definitely a must-have, although a various selection of jewellery can be the perfect one for you – necklaces, rings, earrings… 

If you want to know more about jewellery craftsmanship at Studio Emoi, check out our collection and discover our bestsellers. Even better, it is always nice to meet new fans – book an appointment at our studio.