How to choose jewellery metal that suits your skin tone

Jewellery metal and skin tone should ideally complement each other. So how do you choose one that suits you? You wish you already had the answer sometime back when you were shopping for jewellery, don’t you? Jewellery metal and skin tone have a great love story. Even if it is no longer a fashion faux-pas to mix metals, some do bring out the best in you, more than others. 

Should you get the bracelet you dream about in yellow gold or silver? Rose gold is an unavoidable trend, but does it suit your skin tone? You face such dilemmas, especially when buying jewellery online.

Jewellery is all about mixing and matching styles to create your own. Much like makeup, the right piece of jewellery accentuates your beauty and reveals a part of your personality. That’s why we have priceless advice to help you choose the perfect jewel material according to your skin tone.


What is your skin tone?

To find out which colour of metal suits you best, you must determine your skin tone – cool or warm. It’s very easy to find out!

  1. Catch natural light and look at the veins of your inner wrist.
  2. If they are mostly bluish or purple you have cool-toned skin. If they are greenish, your skin is warm-toned.



Argentium Silver 935 and rose gold are your best friends! They look divine on a porcelain complexion or a slightly pinkish skin.

The Argentium Silver 935 is a neutral cold metal with white reflections when it is worn. This material refreshes your complexion and balances the pinkish aspect of clear skin.

We especially love and recommend rose gold jewellery on Southeast Asian skins, which highlights the softness of the skin tone. 



You’re truly blessed in the metal universe! As lucky as you are, you can wear almost any metal, from yellow and rose gold to Argentium Silver 935.

For women with a tanned complexion, yellow gold is undoubtedly made for you. Its light naturally reminds you of your skin’s sub-tints. Our yellow gold earrings will illuminate your face. It looks great especially on blondes.


Whatever the current fashions are, the jewel is not only the final touch of your style, it reflects who you are and empowers you. You will feel special, unique and beautiful.

Customise now, your own meaningful jewel or find your perfect match; this is the time to treat yourself

If you are based in Singapore, please make an appointment and we will be pleased to meet you at our Studio and match for you, your jewellery metal and skin tone.